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Belt Sorter Machine

Color Sorter Belt Type

The Belt type CCD Camera Sorter

( Belt Sorter Machine )

  • Brand: Spectrum
  • Voltage: 110/230 V A.C. Three Phase
  • Power: 2-5 Kw
  • Frequency: 50/60 Hz
  • Air Quality: Free of Oil,water and dirt
  • Consumption: 15-50 Ltr/sec(32-110cfm) approximate,depending upon the rejection rate.
  • Pressure: 7 Bar(100 PSI)


The Belt type Monochromatic & Trichromatic CCD Camera Sorters

The SPECTRUM SBS-4001 PRISMA & the SBS-4001 MAXIMA are Monochromatic and Trichromatic CCD Camera based Colour Sorters are of the Belt feed type and are therefore ideal for sorting brittle products such as Raw & Blanched Peanuts, Cashewnuts, Almonds etc. As well as non-free flowing material such as Raisins, Fresh and Dehydrated Vegetables such as Onion, Garlic, carrot cubes etc.

The SBS-4001 PRISMA use advanced digital 2048 pixel CCD Line Scan Cameras that produce a very high resolution image of the object.

The S-4001 MAXIMA use advanced 5400 pixel x 3, Tri-linear RGB, CCD Line Scan Cameras to scan the product in the Red, Green and Blue region of light in order to identify even subtle defects in product quality.

Large Format Lenses with digital automatic LED backlights are employed to ensure highest quality imaging of the product, that is also displayed on a 15 Colour LED TFT screen, for online viewing and monitoring of the product. The resultant data is compared with pre-set parameters, to reject the defective product using ultra-fast, long life, custom designed pneumatic ejectors.

The machines have the ability to detect and reject over 200,000 objects/minute with a defect size of even 0.025mm sq.


Technical Features

  • High Resolution Monochromatic 2048 pixels CCD Cameras  or 5400 pixels 3, tri-linear Full Colour CCD Camera
  • Monochromatic or Penta-chromatic LED Solid state high intensity long life stable lightning.
  • On-line live visual display of product being sorted on 15 Colour LED TFT screen.
  • Ultra-fast long life pneumatic ejectors with response time of 1ms and life of up to 5 billion cycles.
  • Automatic cleaning of the viewing area by wiper system.
  • Automatic on-line calibration with self-check procedures.
  • Fully computer controlled.