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About Us

The Pioneers in Color Sorter Manufacturing in India 

( Color Sorter Manufacturer )

We are the pioneer manufacturers of Colour Sorting machines in India since 1993 and have over 1,500 installations of Colour sorters for over 40 applications such as Coffee, Pulses, Lentils, Rice, wheat, Tea, Sunflower seeds, Ground nuts, Sesame Seeds etc.

Our emphasis has always been on total customer satisfaction with continual technological advancement and we are today recognized as the leading manufacturers of Cleaning and Grading machinery, catering to all segments of the food industry such as the post harvest as well as the snack food industry.

We have a dedicated in-house research and development department, that spearheads innovation and improvement in machine design, build quality and performance.

The company’s constant approach is to try and increase the customers productivity and process efficiency and this is applied at every stage of manufacture and nothing is more gratifying to us than seeing our customer’s challenges solved to their satisfaction.

We provide solutions based on the latest advancements in technology in order to meet our customer’s overall needs and specific challenges.

Our team of highly skilled Engineers deal with every challange by carefully identifying the core issues concerned and arriving at innovative solutions in order to come up with unique designs for specific appliactions including for individual machines as well as for the Complete Turnkey Solutions.

We provide solutions based on the latest advancements in technology, in order to meet our customer’s overall needs and specific challenges.

Every minute detail is considered and scrutinized in the design stage itself, in order to accommodate the customers requirements, before we commit to anything. Our design team will draw a complete flow chart of your product processing with a layout drawing of the machinery in relation to your new or existing facility, thus eliminating any guesswork.


All our products are designed and manufactured in a state of the art facility to give our customers a superior product of high quality with reliability and long life.

The use of cutting edge technology with most advanced components as well as those that have been well proven and tested, in each and every product that we manufacture, has helped us to deliver top of the line equipment to our clients.

Building on the deep technical knowledge of our engineers, we provide exceptional value to our customers especially when considering how advanced the technology is.

Our high end Colour sorters are equipped with advanced 5400 pixel x 3, Full Colour RGB Line Scan CCD Cameras that produce a very high resolution image of the product in order to detect even the smallest of defects and are incorporated with Penta-chromatic LED solid state lighting which provides high intensity and long life stable lighting. It is one of the most accurate and efficient Colour sorters in the market today.

Custom Design & Manufacture

We are a nationally recognized manufacturer of quality products from stand alone machines to complete plants for the food processing industry since 1993. We design and manufacture food processing equipment to customer specifications for different uses. All our innovations are done in-house in our R&D department. Our emphasis has always been on quality, customer satisfaction and continuous innovation. Today we are the leading manufacturer of grain cleaner, seed cleaner and grading machines as well as microprocessor and camera based color sorter in India.

Superior Technology

All our products incorporate advanced features and innovative designs which make our machines quite versatile besides offering higher efficiency and consistency.

Future Focus

Our future plans include continued expansion in India and very strong efforts in targeting the food processing industries in Asia, Europe, Africa and South America. With our technical edge and continuous innovation, our products are among the best currently available and we anticipate a strong business growth in the near future.


Quality Assurance


Spectrum has a talented team of professionals who strive to improve our product quality and processes, in order to distinguish our products from those in the market.

Having adopted the ISO 9001:2008 standard for our design and manufacturing process,

Spectrum Industries, believes in delivering quality starting at the source, to ensure that all our products and services meet or exceed our customer requirements, without losing focus on affordability and sustaining a competitive edge.

In order to assure that we get it right every time, all of our staff, from procurement of supplies to finished product inspection, including our shipping department, must strictly follow the set standards and procedures.

Continuous innovation and constant improvement with great emphasis on quality has been our business philosophy and this has resulted in vast improvement in market penetration and our market share.

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