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Pressure De-Stoner

High-efficiency pressure de-stoner machine  

  • Model: DS-120
  • Capacity: 3-4 Ton/hr
  • Brand: Spectrum
  • Power: 5.75 HP
  • Nett Weight: 715 Kg
  • Gross Weight: 850 Kg
  • Shipping Volume: 3.5 m3



The heavy duty pressure de-stoner machine

Spectrum Pressure De-stoners are used for separating heavier impurities such as stones, glass, metal etc., from food grains and seeds such as Lentils, Legumes, Coffee, Peanuts etc. and other dry granular material.

The principle used is the stratification of the product into heavier and lighter fractions by forcing air through the bed of material. This is achieved by means of pressure fans located in the body of the machine, below the vibrating deck.

The vibrating deck pushes the heavier material in contact with the deck upwards towards the stone discharge spout. The lighter material flows down the inclined, vibrating deck and exits through the clean product spout.

Technical Features

  • Can be connected to a Central Aspiration System.
  • Provided with clean product and stone discharge spouts.
  • Hood with large windows provided for on-line product viewing.
  • Deck inclination and stroke can be finely adjusted.
  • Easy control of air flow and feed rate.