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Color Sorter

Tri-Chromatic Color Sorter


The Best Color Sorter From India

Capacity: 1-10 Tons Per Hour,

Model: S-4001 MAXIMA

Color: White

Model: S-4001 MAXIMA

Capacity: 1-10 Tons Per Hour

Brand: Spectrum

Camera: Tri-chromatic

Country of Origin: Made in India

Response Time: 1ms

Resolution: 5048 pixels RGB Full Colour CCD Cameras

Pressure: 7 Bar

Power: 230 V A.C. Single Phase,50 hz

Life Cycle: Up to 5 billion cycles

LED TFT screen: 15 inches


    The SPECTRUM S-4001 MAXIMA series CCD Camera-based Colour Sorters are a result of colour sorting machinery manufacturing experience of over two decades, at SPECTRUM INDUSTRIES.

    The S-4001 MAXIMA uses advanced 5048 pixel RGB Full Colour CCD Line Scan Cameras that produce a very high-resolution image of the object.

    The machine has RGB LED Solid State foreground and background Lighting that provides High-Intensity long-life stable lightning.