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Nut Processing Plant




Seeds coming from the field after harvest usually contain dockage or undesirable materials which must be removed during processing in on order to obtain clean seed suitable for planting.


The dust, chaff and straw are separated from the seeds by Winnowing so that the lighter chaff and straw get blown out while the heavier seeds are separated. The seeds are then sent to a Vibratory screener where the oversized and undersize impurities are separated from the good product. They are then transferred to the Destoning equipment that removes stones and other heavy impurities.


The seeds are then passed through graders/classifier screen decks in order to remove the broken seed and grade them as per size and then conveyed to Gravity Seperators which sort the lights, middlings and heavies. The middlings, are returned to the gravity Seperator for recirculation.


The seeds are then graded as per size and sorted by RGB Full Colour Camera Sorters, in order to remove the defective seeds from where they are sent to the packing machines.


SPECTRUM INDUSTRIES provides Seed enterprises complete seed processing solutions and develops and manufactures specialized equipment for Cleaning, Grading, Sorting, polishing and Treating a variety of seeds, grains and cereals such as Wheat, Rice, Corn, Millet, Pulses, Lentils, Pumpkin seeds, Watermelon seeds, Sesame seeds, Niger seeds etc.


The machinery range includes Intake, Pre-Cleaners, De-stoners, Gravity Separators, Graders, Polishers, seed Treaters and Electronic Colour Sorting Machinery as well as Weighing & bagging equipment including the necessary conveying equipment and aspiration systems of various capacities ranging from 1 TPH to 20 tons per hour of output.